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How to Use this Option


1. Start by selecting a symptom that interests you. You will find that one symptom is often listed more than once and is combined with other symptoms. This is for the purpose of getting a better and more detailed symptom differentiation.
2. Click on the symptom. You will automatically arrive at the underlying condition for this symptom.
3. Each condition has a Cause, Symptoms and Treatment section. The Cause section is a brief introduction to the condition and has an informative and educational purpose. The Symptoms section lists all other symptoms manifested by this condition. The purpose of this section is for you to confirm that you have arrived at the right place. If you have proceed to Treatment. Here you will find food therapy, acupressure points and visualization techniques for addressing the condition. If you are not certain that you are at the right place go back to the “Search by Symptom” menu and try with another symptom.



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Abdomen Region / Gastrointestinal System

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