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The Holosapiens project is one of a kind space where food is viewed and embraced as medicine. The project is based on  traditional Chinese medicine unique perspective that food and herbs come from the same source thus all foods have medicinal properties equally as herbs do. Beside acupuncture and herbal prescriptions traditional Chinese medicine also incorporates food therapy - the most non-toxic / no side effects biochemical approach to health and disease. This project offers an outlook of the human body and its different disharmonies from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine  but what makes this project unique is that it points to how to address these disharmonies with some of the purest, most economical yet highly potent treatment methods - food therapy and acupressure.   read more




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over 130 materials organised in 7 chapters free to use by anyone who is curious about traditional Chinese medicine





The "Search by Symptom Database" is a specially designed tool that will help you find the root cause of a symptom and understand it from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine.  We designed 10 thorough symptom menus organized by Body Region and Organ System. Selecting one or more symptoms will take you directly to the material that explains the symptom's underlying condition and its causes.

This option provides a basic overview and has an educational purpose. To get a precise diagnosis for your condition in TCM terms you need to see a TCM professional in person.



 Here is a short introduction of what the different chapters in the project offer:

- this chapter reviews the fascinating qualities of the Chinese herbs   
 Blue Herb

- this chapter reviews the body organs in balance and disharmony from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine 
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- this chapter explains the energetic principle of the human being 

- this chapter reviews what emotions are perceived to be the internal cause of disease and how to balance them 
Black Shrimp For Kidney

- this chapter reviews how the different seasons and climatic factors affect our health 
Woman With Umbrella For Lung 

- this chapter tells the fascinating 5000 year story of Traditional Chinese Medicine 
Heart Houses The Mind






We are proud to share that the Holosapiens project does not host any paid advertisements, display ads or membership pop ups that might disrupt your peace. The project is supported solely by its subscription content which is described and exemplified in detail for maximum clarity and transparency. 


Red Flower As Herb  




 TCM Food Therapy Programs 

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Food is something we continuously use to sustain our lives. Learning what foods are healing (and what disruptive) for our condition has the potential to convert every single meal into a form of therapy! As we eat couple of times a day the "food as medicine" approach turns daily food consumption into multiple daily treatments that continuously improve our health, raise our energy level, reduce our stress level and boost our mental strength.

Food therapy (as well as acupressure) is offered in the tools listed below - Women's Health, Children's Health, Chronic Emotional Disharmony, Body Pain and Inflammation - as well as in the Treatment section of all materials in the Physiology chapter and the Materia Medica chapter. 

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Food Therapy for Emotional Imbalance



In traditional Chinese medicine difficult emotions are approached through our mental awareness but also through our vitality and physiology. Seven negative emotions such as anger, worry, sadness, fear, etc. are associated with the disharmony of a certain organ or organ system. Thus benefiting the organ that the emotion is associated with will release/transform the emotion itself. We designed a unique tool, that after selecting the emotion you are interested in and some accompanying physical symptoms, you will be able to learn what foods and acupressure points are beneficial for the organ associated with this emotion and through that - beneficial for releasing the difficult emotion itself.    

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  Food Therapy for Body Pain and Inflammation



Inflammatory conditions and pain are best counteracted in the long run by changing the diet and lifestyle. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine the Liver and Kidney functions need to be improved, toxic fluids from the Spleen need to be drained, and the digestion needs to be harmonized.

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Food Therapy for Women

Honor Woman Sm


This option is designed to help the busy health conscious woman learn how to balance her health with foods, spices, herbal teas and acupressure by selecting the signs and symptoms that are unique for her body. 

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Food Therapy for Children

Child For Yin And Yang2


A compilation between traditional Chinese medicine principles and personal parental experience this option offers an outlook to children's health and their most common diseases from a completely different perspective.   Tell me more!

 Seasonal Menu 

Seasons Upright


In traditional Chinese medicine each season corresponds to a certain Element (the Five Elements theory). To each Element corresponds a certain color. We designed a menu which contains the specific color fruits, vegetables and herbs for each of the seasons.  In our menu you will find different colors seasonal breakfasts, desserts, herbal teas and spreads, as well as meals with "seasonal meat" and "seasonal grain". 

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 Acupressure Therapy Programs

Included in all of the above options as well as in: 

Open Point Calculator



The  Open Point Calculator is designed based on an ancient Chinese healing system that practices treatment methods according to the daily cycle rather than personal signs and symptoms.  By stimulating the "open point" of the day and hour - an acupuncture point that steadily changes - excess turbid energy exits the body while deficient, scarce energy gets supplemented.

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 Point Location Videos

Kin Head Meridian


The Project additionally offers more than 45 point location videos to help easily locate the acupressure points appointed in  "Women's Health", "Children's Heath", "Chronic Emotional Disharmony", "Body Pain and Inflammation" and "Open Point Calculator", as well as the Treatment section in the project's Physiology chapter and Materia Medica chapter. Beside these points the videos cover the most significant and most commonly used acupressure points in traditional Chinese medicine, which stimulate physical and emotional recovery, and restore the balance.



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