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Search-by-symptom database


Select a symptom and go directly to the material that explains the symptom's underlying condition and its root cause from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This option is free but if you sign up you will unlock the Treatment part of the articles and through that - learn foods and acupressure points that are healing for each condition that interests you. There are also visualisation techniques offered for enhancing the healing process.


Chronic Emotional Disharmony - including food therapy and acupressure 


A unique approach to difficult emotions and disruptive psychological states! In Traditional Chinese Medicine 7 difficult emotions such as anger, worry, sadness, fear, etc. are associated with the disharmony of a certain organ. Thus benefiting the organ that the emotion corresponds to will also balance and release the emotion. Since TCM incorporates food therapy as a treatment method negative emotions can also be approached with certain foods. After first selecting an emotion, then the accompanying physical symptoms, you will learn what foods and food combinations (as well as acupressure points) are healing for the organ associated with the negative emotion and through that - instrumental for transforming/releasing the negative emotion itself!



Body Pain and Inflammation - including food therapy and acupressure 


This program addresses different kinds of musculoskeletal pain and joint pain. Inflammatory conditions and pain are best counteracted in the long run by changing the diet and lifestyle. From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine the Liver and Kidney functions need to be improved, toxic fluids from the Spleen need to be drained, and the digestion needs to be harmonised.  Here you can browse through different signs and symptoms and learn what foods, food combinations and acupressure points work for transforming the underling condition of these symptoms thus benefit the body pain and inflammation.


Children's Health - including food therapy and acupressure 


Children suffer from rather acute than chronic illnesses because they are not yet exposed to toxins, bad habits, negative emotions and other major causes of disease. This program reviews the causes of acute illnesses in children and how they are approached with food therapy and massage. It is build on search-by-symptom basis and the treatment methods listed are healing foods, herbal teas, and acupressure.



Women's Health - including food therapy and acupressure 


This option will enable you to browse through different symptoms that pertain to women's menstrual cycle and women's physiological maturity. By selecting a symptom you will be taken to a page where you will learn what foods, herbs, spices, and acupressure points are healing for the underlying condition manifested by your symptom of choice. 


Seasonal menu - including food therapy 


In Traditional Chinese Medicine each season corresponds to a certain Element (the Five Elements theory). To each Element corresponds a different color. It is our observation that the color that relates to a certain Element is also the color of foods that are abundant during the season that relates to this Element and is furthemore beneficial to the organ that relates to this Element. Thus we designed a menu for each season which has the specific color vegetables, herbs and fruits that is beneficial for the organ aligned with the season. In our unique menu you will find seasonal breakfasts, desserts, herbal teas and spreads, but also meals that contain the seasonal meat and seasonal grain.



Open Point Calculator - including acupressure 


This program will help you find the "open point" of the day and hour - an acupuncture point that steadily changes and is calculated based on the data of an ancient Chinese healing system. Here the human body is approached as part of Nature's cycle rather than through personal signs and symptoms. According to this ancient healing system stimulating the "open point" of the day and hour (with acupuncture or acupressure) allows excess turbid energy to exit the body while deficient, scarce energy to get enriched and supplemented.


50 Point Location Videos - for easily locating the acupressure points listed in the above programs 


The point location videos will help you easily locate the acupressure points appointed by the  "Women's Health", "Children's Health", "Chronic Emotional Disharmony", "Body Pain and Inflammation" and "Open Point Calculator" programs, as well as the ones appointed in the Treatment section of the articles in the Physiology chapter. 



You will also be able to access: 


- The complete articles in the Physiology chapter together with their last part - the "Treatment" section - which lists healing foods, acupressure points, and visualisation techniques for each disharmony. 


- The complete articles in the Materia Medica chapter together with their last part - "Healing Foods" - which lists healing foods and Western herbs for each disharmony. 


In short:


You will learn how each meal can turn into remedy and how the body's as well as nature's energetic principles can be used therapeutically.

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