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Wind For Ecology



Wind evil relates to the season spring. People who live in four season climate can observe that during spring it is very windy. Yet wind can attack the body at any given season as all seasons have windy periods. 


Wind enters the body through the back, the shoulders and the neck. Nevertheless the highly penetrating quality of the wind allows it to enter the body from any surface.


After invading the body the wind hides under the skin. This first phase of wind invasion is called "wind-cold" and is characterized with predominantly “cold” symptoms such as intense chills, body pain, runny nose with profuse clear discharge. Fever might be also present.


Antidotes for "wind-cold" symptoms are hot-spicy foods. They promote sweating and expel the wind from the skin. Such foods are ginger, onions, garlic, chilies, coriander, etc. (1) Another very efficient treatment for wind-cold is taking a ten minute hot shower, directing the hot water on the shoulders, neck and back. The heat will accelerate the blood circulation in these areas, which will quickly expel the wind. It is important to keep the back, neck and the shoulders warm couple of hours after the shower, even to massage them once in a while, to ensure that there is good blood circulation.


If untreated the cold symptoms of "wind-cold" convert into heat symptoms and the syndrome is now called  "wind-heat". Symptoms of "wind-heat" are fever, sore throat, thirst, yellow discharge from nose and throat. Some chills might still be present. A spicy-cold herb to counteract "wind-heat" is peppermint. 



(1) Pitchford, Paul (2002). Healing with Whole Foods. Berkeley: North Atlantic Books


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