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Chronoacupuncture is the collective modern word of an ancient Chinese healing system according to which acupuncture points are selected in accordance to space and time rather than the person’s individual diagnosis. Every two hours there is a different acupuncture point, called "open point", which is active and particularly healing for that period of time.  By stimulating this open point the turbid/excess energy exits the body while deficient body energy gets supplemented.  Thus the hidden potential of nature steps in to balance the person’s physiology and emotionality.

The open point is calculated using data about both space and time. According to our location on earth we will be in a different time zone. There cannot be one unified open point for all locations because not all locations have the same time zone; during the different hours of the day different energies are active. Thus the open point for the different world locations vary in accordance to their corresponding time zone.

Calculation of the open points is based on the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches counting system used in the ancient Chinese calendar. There are a total of 10 Stems and 12 Branches used together in a specific sequence to combine into a cycle of 60 days. Each stem-branch combination is different for each one of these 60 days. Once the 60 days cycle is over the combination starts from the beginning.


Twelve Earthly Branches

Earthly Branches 


Ten Heavenly Stems




Each stem and each branch has its own name. When making daily combinations the stem-branch names create different names for the day they correspond to. Thus each day in the Chinese calendar has a name, which consists of the combination of the names of the stem and branch for the day. Since each stem-branch cycle consists of 60 days there are a total of 60 different names for the 60 different days in the cycle. Once the cycle is over the names of the days start to repeat themselves into the new cycle.

At the beginning, the Stem-Branch system was used for counting the day only.  Later, the Yin-Yang Five-Element scholars applied this system into the month, the year and the hour.





There are four main methods of calculating open points:

1) Na Zi Fa, which uses the daily branches only

2) Na Jia Fa, which uses daily stems and the five elements with the so called Shu-transporting points

3) Ling Gui Ba Fa which uses both stems and branches and the 8 extraordinary meridians with the so called eight confluent points

4) Fei Teng Ba Fa, which is derived from the Ling Gui Ba Fa and uses stems only.

In this project we use the Ling Gui Ba Fa method (“8 Methods of Sacred Turtle”). One reason we chose this method is that it is simply more practical as there are only 8 opening points (the eight confluent points mentioned above). The Na Jia Fa method uses the Shu-transporting points of the 12 regular meridians, which are a total of 60. Furthermore the above mentioned 8 points are also the command points of the 8 extraordinary meridians and are said to rule over the 60 Shu-transporting points of the 12 regular meridians.

The 8 extraordinary meridians are also considered the meeting point of body and mind. Stimulating these meridians with the appropriate open point, which is also one of the eight command points of the 8 extraordinary meridians, will balance not only ones body but also ones emotionality.

To learn the open point at any time of the day, month, and year you can become a subscriber and use our Open Point Calculator, programmed based on the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches counting system. To read about the other benefits you will get by becoming a subscriber of the Project  click here




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