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There is a tradition in Chinese medicine called Bu Tu Pai – the Tonify Earth System, from which the Earth school - the School of Spleen and Stomach - was developed. It was founded during the Jin-Yuan dynasty by the great Li Gao who also wrote the masterpiece Pi Wei Lun - Treatise of the Spleen and Stomach. The main idea of this school is that all illnesses originate from imbalanced/damaged Spleen/Stomach and chronic diseases should be treated by attending most and foremost to the digestion. But what does the spleen have to do with the digestion?

In Chinese medicine “the Spleen” doesn’t coincide with the anatomical organ spleen. It has a different and much broader meaning. Click on the link below to understand the concept of the Spleen in Chinese medicine which will help you further grasp the Tonify Earth System :-)


Yellow Leaves For Spleen

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