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Here is a 15-minute simple and delicious Kidney booster dessert for you and the people you love. 

Ingredients – black sesame seeds, walnuts, wolfberry (goji berry), brown sugar (feel free to use white sugar if you feel that the taste of brown sugar is too rich and heavy).


Ingredients For Kidney Dessert


Before I move on to the preparation I would like to say couple of words about the ingredients.

All ingredients are Chinese medicine herbs. Black sesame – Hei Zhi Matonifies Kidney Yin. It is a longevity herb and according to numerous sources it tonifies the Kidney so powerfully that after regular consumption for a year or two gray hair will go back to its original color regardless the age (the Kidney manifests in the hair). A source claims that lost teeth will grow back after 3 years of regular consumption of black sesame seeds (the Kidney governs the bones and teeth), after 4 years one will be completely free of disease, and after 5 – one will enjoy a long life.

Walnut – He Tao - tonifies Kidney Yang. Its warm energy is especially beneficial for vegans and vegetarians who largely consume plant source foods, which in their big part are cooling, eventually leading to internal cold or Yang deficiency.

In Chinese Materia Medica goji berry – Gou Qi Zi – is an herb in the “tonify blood" class, but it also tonifies the Essence. Considered “super food” in the West and longevity food in the East it has already made a good name for itself around the world and there is no need to talk about it more here.

These three nurturing foods combined in one healthy dessert or afternoon snack address/tonify all aspects of the Kidney – Kidney Yin, Kidney Yang, and Kidney Essence, and additionally tonify blood. Wonderful way to boost the Kidney and the whole body during winter (the season the Kidney relates to), and at any time.


Preparation: we crush the walnuts, cut the goji berry in small pieces, and mix the two together with the black sesame seeds. We heat up the sugar until it becomes liquid and put in the other ingredients. We keep stirring until everything mixes together nicely and then pour the mixture in whatever cookie forms we find in our house. We put the filled forms in the refrigerator and when the mixture cools down we can take the already hardened dessert out and put it on a plate.



Crushed Walnuts


Kidney Mix


Heated Brown Sugar


Kidney Candy



You can pack this nutritious snack for your kids for school, you can take some with you to work, or simply leave it on a plate on your kitchen table and let anyone who craves something sweet to have a bite.



Kidney Snack



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