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When we talk about the Spleen/the Stomach/ the digestion we cannot not mention apple pectin. Often found in powder form we know this substance from adding it to jams and jellies to make them thicker. But used as a health product apple pectin has great cleansing effect on the digestive system. It absorbs the poisonous substances, the decaying products and the toxins, released by unfriendly bacteria in the intestines, which helps to neutralize and eliminate the bacteria. It enhances the function of the large intestine and helps to dissolve undigested waste in it. Its jelly paste-like texture (when you mix the powder in water) is very soothing for people with chronic gastritis and ulcer as it gently covers the stomach lining protecting it from food irritation while healing inflammation and benefiting infection. The same thick texture after ingestion gives a feeling of fullness so if you want to lose weight – apple pectin is a healthy way to control the appetite. It additionally cleanses the body from bad cholesterol.

If you decide to try the powder form please know that you need to use a grinder to help turn the pectin powder + water into a smooth liquidy jelly. Otherwise the powder will not dissolve in the water but will solidify in small masses that are unpleasant to swallow. The recommended dose for the powder form is 5-10 grams apple pectin in 20 -50 grams of water three times a day preferably on empty stomach or half an hour before eating. If you choose the pill form simply follow the directions on the box.


Apple Pectin And Sugar

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