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After a Kidney desert and a Kidney salad it is time to have a black-food-Kidney-nurturing main dish. Simple and easy to make as the other two our base for that dish will be black rice.

We are simply going to put the rice in the rice cooker (or pot with water) and cook it until it is done. Notice the rich black color of the water the rice is cooked in! The richer the color of the food the more nutrients the foods has. Always go for the substances with the richest most vibrant color when you buy your foods! Try to have at least five different colors of foods in your kitchen! Each color has its own important nutrients and nourishes the body in a specific way.

The other ingredients are pork, celery (gives great aroma to the dish), carrots, and onion. Feel free to throw in some yellow and red peppers to add more color and nutrition to your meal.


Black Rice Ingredients


Cut The Ingredients


Add Red And Yellow Pepper




Simply cut all ingredients in small pieces and stir-fry them. Add some soy sauce (another black substance) to make it salty. When the veggies and the meat are soft and well done pour them over the already cooked black rice and enjoy!


Black Rice Dish


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